We’re officially out of beta

We’re officially out of beta

November 8, 2017 in News

We are excited to announce that Metric.live is out of beta. In August this year we launched our first public beta, and since then the alert platform for Google Analytics that we’ve set out to build has steadily improved. Bugs were fixed, changed were made and features were added.

This would not have been possible without our beta users. We have about 250 active beta users that have been very vocal about the platform. And, we got lots of feedback that helped us set out a roadmap for the foreseeable future.

What now?

As of yesterday, all beta accounts have been converted to the free plan. This plan has the same specs as the old beta accounts so our beta user can keep using the platform in the same capacity. However, we did start enforcing SMS notifications caps. The beta accounts always did have an SMS notification limit, but we didn’t really care. Now, if you reached your limit, notifications will be diverted to your email.

If you do require more SMS notifications, there’s now the option to buy SMS packs. These packs are added to your normal monthly quota and will only be used if your regular quota is depleted.

Or, as a more sustainable option, you can now choose to upgrade your plan to plus, premium or enterprise. Plans start at $12 dollars a month and offer more active alerts, SMS notification, and shorter real-time check intervals. Check out our plans here.

The future

Going out of beta does not mean we’re going to stop adding features. We’ve only just begun, and there’s a roadmap in front of us that’s chock full of big ideas that are going to add even more value to the platform. Also, from now one we’re going to start our monthly newsletter.

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