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Google Analytics Slack alert

Get notified instantly when an alert is triggered

Integrate your alert strategy for Google Analytics into your daily routine. Choose the notification channels that work for you and never miss an important alert again.

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Our notification channels

Every alert can be linked with one or more notification channels. Notify yourself or everyone in your orgnization. You decide.

Email Notifications

Send an email to one or more email addresses when a Google Analytics alert is triggered.

SMS Notifications

Send instant or scheduled SMS alerts to any mobile number in over 150 countries.

Slack Notifications

Notify the entire team and get notifications in your Slack channel when an alert is triggered.

Twitter Notifications

Hooked on Twitter? Get your alert notifications as a direct message in your Twitter account.

More coming ...

We heard you. More channels ar coming ... Microsoft Teams and Hipchat on the roadmap.

Beyond notifications with webhooks

Webhooks for Google Analytics alert are easy to setup and offer a powerfull way for integration and automation.

Google Analytics webhook


Integrate Google Analytics alerts with third-party services or your own internal systems.


Automation is the future. Trigger marketing actions based on your Google Analytics alerts.

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