Data Usage Policy

This page outlines how uses Google Analytics data

Data retrieval connects to and retrieves it’s data from Google Analytics via the Google Analytics Reporting API, the Google Analytics Real Time API and the Google Analytics Management API. Configuration and account data is retrieved so that to user can create queries for custom alerts. Analytics data is retrieved periodically. Based on how the user configures alerts, data is retrieved in an interval of minutes to an interval of months.

Authentication and authorization

The authorization for the data access is done using OAuth, where customer authorizes access to his/her Google Analytics data and account configuration in the Google’s authorization service. never requires and never asks users’ Google usernames or passwords.

Data storage

Data retrieved from Google Analytics APIs are processed and stored in in a database cluster located in Amsterdam. A real time back-up of these databases is on MongoDB’s cloud backup service. Only data relevant to send alert notifications is stored. Data requested to perform evaluations of alerts is never stored. All analytics data from customers is automatically deleted after 90 days.

Stored Google Analytics data can be deleted on customer request.

Data usage

Data retrieved from Google Analytics APIs is exclusively used to evaluate alerts that the user configured. It is not shared with third-parties and no other operations are performed on the data.

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