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Manage Google Analytics Alerts

The number one alert platform for Google Analytics

Creating alerts for Google Analytics has never been easier. Set-up daily, weekly, monthly or real-time alerts to stay on top of your business. Get notified instantly when an alert is triggered.

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Specialised alerts for every use case

Use one of our specialised alerts or create your own custom Google Analytics alerts with flexible intervals or real-time checks.

Standard Alerts

Create your own custom periodic alerts for Google Analytics. Choose between daily, weekly, monthly or rolling alert periods.

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Real-time Alerts

Get notified almost instantly with real-time alerts for Google Analytics. Stay on top of your business and never act too late again.

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More to come ...

We are working an a number of specialised alerts for Google Analytics that will be released soon. keep an eye out!

Google Analytics alerts done right!

Google Analytics alerts are just fine, and that's the problem. adds a bunch of features that make them really powerful.


  • Standard alerts
  • Real-time alerts
  • Email notifications
  • SMS notificatons
  • Slack notifications
  • Twitter notifications
  • Multiple query filters
  • Filter auto-completion
  • Webhook integration

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