Alert platform for Google Analytics

Real-time and advanced periodic alerts for Google Analytics.
Get notified by Email, SMS, Slack or Twitter.

Google Analytics real-time alerts dashboard

Get real-time alerts on your most important KPI's

The platform allows you to create and manage real-time alerts for all your Google Analytics profiles. Get notified when alerts are triggered by email, SMS, Twitter or Slack.

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Successful companies know to rely on
real-time alerts to act fast.

Start receiving alerts in no time

Setting up and keeping track of complicated dashboards is a thing of the past.
Getting notified when you need to act, that's what matters. 

Google Analytics International SMS alerts You're just a couple of steps away from receiving real-time alerts Try Now ↗
  1. 1

    Connect with Google Analytics

    Connect one or more Google Analytics accounts and manage all your alerts from one centralised UI for any number websites.

  2. 2

    Create your first alert

    Use our intuitive alert builder to create your first standard or real-time alert. You can test your configuration on the spot and publish your alert right away.

  3. 3

    Get notified like a boss

    We don't just do email notifications. We can send a text, notify you on Twitter or Slack, or trigger a webhook. And if need be we can notify the whole team.

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